Digital Transformation

The introduction of digital technologies has triggered the creation of new business models and revenue streams. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud archives, and the Internet of Things accelerate transformation, while fundamental technologies such as data management and analysis are needed to analyze the huge amounts of data that result from digital transformation.

         New businesses have grown, and others have unfortunately closed their doors. Some cases are known worldwide. Nowadays, digitization has become an important part of our lives and digitalization has affected the way we work, shopping, travel, education, governance and lifestyle. According to a publication by Think with Google, in the last two years, 90% of all available data worldwide has been produced.

         Finding and sharing information has become much easier once it is digitized, but many businesses continue to use old marketing methods with their new digital records. Bringing artificial intelligence into your service organization is a prime example of the power of digital transformation.    


Digital transformation has brought many opportunities for innovation across all industries. From retail to life science, to pharmaceuticals to banking, we see a complete re-enactment of the products, services and experiences they bring to the market.

Companies are always looking at digital technology as a support tool, and digital technology is making good use of it in all areas, including online travel agencies, service aggregators such as Expedia and Digital systems are increasing in every business today


It focuses on digital transformation of banking sector in seeking regional growth amidst a new digital era. Banks have already invested heavily in technology and infrastructure. From online banking (bank in your pocket), to ATM availability at every nook and corner has enriched the user experience. Major forces of the digital transformation strategy involve the overhaul of organization, and enhancements of highly scalable digital platform

It turns out that we might be at the perfect storm where how we store and access financial information combined with the maturation of tech capabilities are all in place to accelerate the digital transformation of accounting and finance.


With the increase in the availability of online learning tools, organizations and individuals are looking for more flexible ways of personal development. With the use of video lectures, online learning communities, and learning management systems, it is time to transform traditional learning.


 It focuses on the application of IT-dependent services to facilitate the management and delivery of health services. The storage and transfer of clinical data has now been converted to electronic medical records and electronic health records. Inter-professional communication has become a viable way of e-mail and clinical decision support systems, computerized physician order entry, and digital transformation in healthcare has positively changed


The travel industry is among the top five sectors that has embraced significant changes brought about by digital disruption. From the planning stage to ticket booking to the journey experience and sharing those experiences on social media, digital technologies play a pivotal role in the travel sector.


Hiring talent is just the beginning. The structure and culture of the organization are equally important in successful digital transformation projects


The right business strategy can drive internal process digitization and the development of new business models.


 Emerging technologies such as AI and IoT, as well as key technologies such as data management and analysis.


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